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Mr. Perfect (´ ▽`).。o♡re


haruka finally smiles at the camera ;_; ♥


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but it gets sweeter

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun Meme:  [1] Reversal of Common Shoujo Tropes



Arghhh there’s just something I love about Rin and Haru looking at each other in the last few seconds. Well, yeah, they’re smirking at each other, so I love it automatically, but just…


It’s like Rin’s all serious, thinking about the…



Love Shougo and Rei’s heartbreaking, bittersweet, erotic, over-the-top romantic side story, but hate reading novels? Want to see more than just the illustrations in the books?

WELL ZAOU AND EIKI HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES. Eiki Eiki posted the following to her blog today:

Now, let’s discuss the November issue of Ciel, going on sale the 30th! First, let me apologize: the Love Stage!! manga will be taking a break this month for some “adjustments”—this is because you’ll want to read the continuation in the January issue out in November, released after the 5th volume of the manga! So for the November issue, we’re taking a break.

Also, because we’re also doing manga installments for the DVD extras and such, the page number this time is a little on the short side.

But it’s still worth checking out. For both those who’ve read the novels and those who haven’t.

That’s right! The content included this time will be…BACK STAGE!!


It’s finally starting! This issue, we’ll have Act 0, which acts as a prologue. It’s brand-new material not included in the novels!

We actually thought this through a lot…and have decided to release all of Back Stage!! as a manga! At first, we thought about just starting right from the end of the novels, but there’s three whole novels of material, so if we suddenly started publishing something that started after all of that, there would be a lot of people who wouldn’t know what was going on.

Plus I really want to see Rei and Shougo in their younger years! So we’re going all out and doing the WHOLE THING as a manga! And since we’re going through the effort, we’ve decided to add in some new material we couldn’t put in the novels. And of course post-volume 3 stuff too! (*^.^*)

So please check out both Love Stage!! AND Back Stage!!

Also, this month’s Ciel will include special Love Stage!! material drawn by Koujima Nadzuki-sensei, Itou Youko-san, and Junko! And an interview with Daigo and me (Eiki Eiki)! AND the cover is Shougo and Rei! So please check it out, everyone!

Do you even have to ask if we’ll be scanlating this baby? NO YOU DON’T! You ought to know we’d be all over this!

We’ll try to get it out ASAP. So look forward to seeing all of Shougo and Rei’s delicious story in glorious living color!

Ao Haru Ride Characters

PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 2PV 」|| October 9

What does this mean?

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